About Lune Production

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Widely known as A O Entertainment, Lune Production’s foundation was initially established in Saigon, Vietnam, in 2012, under Square Group Investment Holding.

With the vision to be come an excellent entertainment corporation that inspires Vietnamese cultural values to the world, Lune Production focuses on researching, developing, creating, and promoting quality Vietnamese cultural entertainment products. The company has had the honor to work with many internationally renowned artists, known for their talents and integrity. Back to Vietnam with background from established organizations such as Cirque du Soleil, they come together at Lune Production, sharing passion and dreams of upholding Vietnamese cultural heritage through performances and other forms of arts.

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  • Lang Toi began the first world tour from 2009 to 2012
  • Lune Production
  • A O Show debuted at Saigon
    Opera House
  • Organized the performance of Lang Toi at Saigon Opera House
  • Organized exclusive performance of The Mist at Saigon Opera House
  • The Mist
    toured US
  • A O Show begins its 3-year Europe tour from 2015 to 2017 
  • Lang Toi begins exclusive performance at Hanoi Opera House
  • Teh Dar debuted at Saigon Opera House
  • A O Show tours Australia at Perth International Art Festival 2017

Under Lune Production, Lang Pho Joint Stock Company was founded back in 2012 to specialize in managing and developing Lune Production’s assets.

Ever since, Lune Production’s four key spectacles, naming A O Show, Lang Toi (My Village), Teh Dar and The Mist, have inspired and received much love and critical acclaim from both local and international audience while performing at the Saigon Opera House, as well as during the world tour of Lang Toi and A O Show throughout the past few years.

With steady business growth, Lune Production now expands its network to Hanoi, tapping on a market with great potential for cultural products of high quality. The result is our new Box Office settlement and Lang Toi starts performing at Hanoi Opera House from July 2016.

Beside expanding our current business scale, Lune Production constantly keeps the commitment on research, creativity and quality of service. This promises an exciting future with more and more great cultural entertainment products to come.



Vo Thanh Trung

Chairman of Square Group


The visionary and achiever Vo Thanh Trung, as one of the founders, has developed Square Group to be one of the largest independent communications group in Vietnam. Square Group has multiplied into 10 companies over the past 10 years, offering services and products in Communications, Events, Digital and Entertainment.

With his sharp business vision, Trung realizes the potential of Vietnamese cultural entertainment. Establishing Lune Production, he believes that the beauty of Vietnamese culture should be shared and appreciated.

Tuan Le

Show director of A O Show, Lang Toi


The talented Tuan Le is a world class juggling artist, choreographer, and show director. Tuan Le started as a juggling artist and has earned many recognitions and awards in Germany, where he lived since the age of 14. He is also the first and only Vietnamese artist to work with Cirque du Soleil as a solo artist. Tuan Le has also directed several great shows for Teatro Zinzanni and Cirque du Soleil.

Lang Toi and A O Show are his most important works that embody Vietnamese culture.

Nguyen Nhat Ly 

Music director of A O Show, Lang Toi, The Mist


Nhat Ly was born in France, while spending his childhood in Vietnam. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Music from Paris VIII University.

Ly was one of the two founders and first president, who created Art Ensemble, an organization which educates Asian children about traditional music.

Nhat Ly brought to A O Show, Lang Toi and The Mist the mesmerizing sounds of both traditional and contemporary musical instruments, performed live by talented musicians.

Nguyen Lan Maurice

Training Director of A O Show, Lang Toi


Nhat Ly's brother, Nguyen Lan Maurice has strong circus background and establishment. He was trained in the National Circus School in Vietnam and performed for Cirque Plume in France. He then became the artistic director of circus school Arc en Cirque in Chambéry, France.

As a training director, Nguyen Lan is in the quest of creating arts from scratch. His mission is to work with artists, ‘brainwash’ them from their habits and routines of the past - then nurture their creativity, arts sense, and innovation.

Nguyen Tan Loc

Choreographer of A O Show, Lang Toi and Show Director of The Mist 


After studying in Japan with a scholarship from Fujisato Ballet School in Tokyo, Tan Loc founded Arabesque dance studio. With the aspiration to develop a contemporary dance language of its own, Arabesque combines contemporary dance aesthetics and classic ballet. ‘The Mist’ is one of their artistic and culturally rich productions.

Joining A O Show and The Mist team, Tan Loc enhance the shows’ visual language through contemporary dance and artistic installation. His latest choreographic work is for Toruk, an Avatar inspired production of Cirque du Soleil.


Nguyen Ngoc Anh

Choreographer of The Mist 


Winning a scholarship from Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, Ngoc Anh later worked with the Vietnamese Opera Theatre, Hong Kong/ New York Dance Company, Les Ballets Persans, Random Dance, and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

In 2008, Ngoc Anh won the Spotlight Award at the prestigious Critics' Circle Dance Awards as outstanding male artist.

He was also one of the six choreographers who created the hugely successful show for English National Ballet’s department called “Swanning Around” in June 2010.