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Hoa Tuc: The Art-Noveau Vietnamese Restaurant in Saigon

Learn about a nation's culture through cuisines is pleasurable experience, yet to satisfy even most picky visitors, Hoa Tuc is a highly recommended Ho Chi Minh restaurants thanks to its Art-Deco style and atmosphere match the excellence of its delicatedly prepared foods.

If be ready to manify your exposure to Vietnamese culture at the peak, an attractive combo jointly offered by Lune Production & Hoa Tuc promises a feast not only to the tastes but also the eyes. 

At 1.450.000 VND, we offer an attractive combo including 01 ooh![O] ticket to A O Show at Saigon Opera House and a set menu at Hoa Tuc Restaurant.


Terms & Conditions

- Applied to group of minimum 02 guests.

- Combo only applies with "Offer Coupon" issued by Lune Production.

- Combo offer is valid for 7 days after Offer Coupon is issued.

- Customers need to make a reservation at least 02 hours before the service time.

- This offer cannot be combined with other promotions from Lune Production and Hoa Tuc Restaurant.

- Combo is valid through 30 Sep 2024.

You can book this combo via website, email or come straight to our Box Office at the Saigon Opera House.

Vietnam is famous for its food, and as many have experienced, the best tastes of Vietnam are often found at the vendors all over city’ streets and alleys. However, within the last years, Vietnamese food has been taken to the next level. Now, in the modern yet nostalgic settings, the hearty dishes are meticulously prepared and beautifully presented, well, with a twist. Hoa Tuc restaurant is proudly the pioneer of this trend. Embracing the “fusion” concept with a creative menu that does not deviate too much from tradition, the talents behind Hoa Tuc gave Saigon its first contemporary cuisine restaurant in August 2008. 


A lovely hidden gem tucked away in the stylish courtyard of Saigon


One of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh for authentic Vietnamese cuisine


Hoa Tuc, which translates to “opium poppy”, is a lovely hidden gem tucked away in the stylish courtyard where once was Saigon’s old opium refinery and just a block from the Saigon Opera House. Taking you away from the bustling streets, the noisy horns and the city heat, Hoa Tuc eases you with its lush greenery and creepers all around, its inviting Paris Metro inspired front terrace, its secluded al fresco dining section and charming air-conditioned indoor dining room, all locally furnished with custom-made wrought iron and cast iron furniture.

Paris Metro inspired front terrace


Right on the first step into the entrance, you will be touched by the gentle aura of garden villas, enough to forget the madness of the city out there. Let’s come to this very heart of Saigon to feel the tranquility covering all over the classic indoor and pretty garden outdoor areas.





At Hoa Tuc, you can taste the innovation within the familiarity – the food that has already dived deeply into your subconscious now seems amazingly different with the enthusiasm and creativity of the founder. That’s how the restaurant stay true to the tradition while raising the bar for Vietnamese cuisine to meet the high expectation of the modern culinary world.

Where to it Hoa Tuc restaurant?
74/7 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

*** Opening hours:  11:00 to 23:00 everyday *** Customers need to make a reservation at least 02 hours before the service time.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Lune Production Team.

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