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Lune Production, for the first time, brings the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus closer to the audiences at ITE HCMC 2019. Visitors could approach to one of a kind Vietnamese performing art which has shaken hundreds of crowds around the globe, including À Ố Show, My Village and Teh Dar.

Vietnamese Bamboo Circus Exhibition at ITE HCM 2019 

The Bamboo Circus is the Vietnamese art form that receives the most invitations to perform on international stages. Over the years, performances have attracted the attendance of more than 200,000 people in over 500 shows in 17 countries other than Vietnam. Moreover, it was  the first Vietnamese performance art ever to grace the stage of the Sydney Opera House, and the only performance at the APEC 2017 in Da Nang.

À Ố Show, Teh Dar and My Village are performing at the icon theaters across Vietnam 

Vietnam Bamboo Circus not only reconstructs cultural activities and everyday life in Vietnam, but also conveys the spirit of folk culture and the historical life of the nation through the craft of lighting, sound effects and the mise-en-scène.

Behind the success of each show is the harmony in connected efforts. Each element within the multidisciplinary performance is of equal importance. The stage direction, the choreography, the bamboo movements, the overall visual art and the melody are meticulously calculated that even just a change in one factor can influence the entire act.

The exhibition space of the Vietnam Bamboo Circus is inspired and characterized by Vietnamese culture with the main materials made of bamboo such as bamboo baskets, bamboo blinds and bamboo poles. Also, at the exhibition, Teh Dar performers stirred with an impressive performance. The cultural activities of the Central Highlands are recreated through ingenious movements, combined with a unique music that is performed live and vividly.

Mini Performance of Teh Dar at ITE HCMC 2019 

The Vietnamese Bamboo Circus Exhibition by Lune Production takes place from 5 - 7 September 2019 at the 15th Ho Chi Minh City International Travel Expo - ITE HCMC at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center.


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