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Explore Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife

Not just bustling and energetic at day, Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest commercial city in Vietnam, offers a dynamic eventful nightlife. Daytime in this city is to explore historical landmarks, museums, pagodas. As night falls, the city becomes young with fun and exciting tours, theatre performances, and music clubs.

1. Drinking on top of Saigon

One way to enjoy Saigon by night is a combination of the stars and the glittering city atop a roof bar. In a city that never sleeps, rooftop bars provide a sight to last a lifetime. From the endless traffic action to the outline broad riverfront, there is so much to soak in as you may share a drink with a friend. Start the night off right by making way to a skyscraper or hotel rooftop bar as the sun sets in the distances just past the horizon. The sight is enough to make the whole trip worthwhile.


Air 360 Sky Lounge - photo from


Popular rooftop bars among locals and expats:

Chill Sky Bar, on 27th floor of the A & B Tower in District 1, right next to The Rex Hotel. Heli Bar, 52th floor of the country's tallest building Bitexco Financial Tower, is proud of its spectacular 360 degree overall views of the city. It definitely makes visitors feel like they are standing on top of Saigon. Located on the 13th of President Place Building is Glow Sky Bar, a new favorite chic place to hang out of many expats and uptown Vietnamese. Broma: Not a Bar despite the name, it does serve alcohol, pizza, bar snacks, located right on Nguyen Hue Walking Street. Saigon Saigon Bar on the rooftop of the 5-star historical hotel Caravelle, owning the bird-eye view to the Opera House and the heart of city’s center. OMG Bar, Air 360 Sky Lounge, and Shri are other locations worth looking at for your preference.


2. Dinner Cruise on Saigon River


Photo from


Looking for a romantic night out? Spend the night out on a dinner cruise of the Saigon River.  This 2 hour tour is perfect with towering skylights, a splendid traditional show, and amazing cuisine to match. Feel immersed by combing through the city from a new vantage point and makes sea level the best way to appreciate all of Saigon's finest architecture. Guests are welcome to dress elegantly because this is one trip where you won't be taking a dip. Two of the widely known companies are Bonsai Cruise and Saigon River Tour.


3. Witness a unique cultural performance at Saigon Opera House


Teh Dar performs regularly at Saigon Opera House


The Saigon Opera House is one of the most must-see attractions that Ho Chi Minh City has to offer. Although tickets can be purchased all day, doors only open an hour before the curtain falls. The audience is allowed to tour the Opera house during this time. 3 performances currently showing are the A O Show, Teh Dar and The Mist. Each show portrays Vietnamese lifestyle and culture by different blends of theatrical arts. A O Show and Teh Dar use bamboo cirque and acrobatic. The Mist is specialised in contemporary dance and neo-classic. Either show you are going to, you hold a ticket to Saigon’s history in the 80s, conveyed through the interior French architecture, and an inspiring cultural spectacle.


4. Party on Bui Vien street


Photo from


Bui Vien Street, or so called ‘backpackers area’. As the name indicates, this area is a popular gathering place for budget travellers from all over the world. The cheap eateries and bars have boomed to meet this exquisite custom. Young Vietnamese locals also flock to the occasion, to meet travellers, practice English and learn about other cultures. The atmosphere is full of enjoyment, sitting right next to each other on classy plastic stools, sipping Saigon craft beer, and indulging street food. While it is fun to walk around and make new friends, keep a watchful eye on your belongings to avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing.

5. Stroll the pedestrian only street

Automotives give way to Saigon’s first pedestrian only street, Nguyen Hue. This is the perfect place for visitors who just want to stroll the center of the city without being freaked out by the nation's infamous traffic. Opened since 2015, the street has become a renowned venue for people of all ages to enjoy the social outdoors, colorful water shows, live street performances and every kind of street food.


Fashion show on Nguyen Hue Street - Photo by Tran Gia Tien


Parades, street festivals and exhibitions are never in short supply, and occur mostly on the weekends. Events as stunning as this showcase the prime example of Ho Chi Minh City's nightlife.

6. Food tour and Vintage Vespa



Ho Chi Minh city nightlife experience would not be complete without at least hopping on a motorbike. Vespa Adventures has operated very successfully giving travelers the opportunity to see two unique scenes of the city, as well as a special food tour by taking guests to numerous Vietnamese restaurants, bars and live music cafes. Included in this special package, the participants get to sit on the back of a beautiful vintage Vespa, and entrust their safety in the hands of experienced drivers to take them through the flow of Saigon. It just may be the scariest 30 kph of your life.


7. Sleepless in coffee shops


Photo from


Vietnam is world-famous for its strong coffee. In fact, by 2015 it is ranked 2nd for the highest coffee bean export after Brazil. With coffee as good as this, it's no wonder Vietnam coffee culture is part of everyday life. Either as a morning jumpstart or an evening treat, cafes bring a wide range of customers from students to professionals and expats to foreign travelers for brainstorming or for pure enjoyment. Whatever the case may be, a cup of Vietnam's best will be available for 14 hours out of the day and some locations stay open late until 4am. Saigon by night  is quiet and almost traffic free till that hour. Most of the shops are in the city center. Names of consideration are Thuc Cafe, Bon Cafe, To Go Coffee & Tea.


8. Craft beer trend


Taste flight from Pasteur Street Brewery


Craft beer growth in Saigon is taking off with its local breweries. For years, German and Czech beer houses predominantly owned the mug and ale scene in Saigon, but with new establishments like Pasteur Street Brewery and Te Te Craft Beer opening up, locals are turning a curious eye for fresh and delightful IPAs. These two companies are a proved success. Packed every night, each location offers 8-12 crafted IPAs and ales on tap. Straying from the norm, these breweries have authentic flavors of lemongrass, passion fruit, and jasmine. Ordering a flight sampler here would make this a top stop for a tastebud adventure.

9. Live music

Some of the greatest highlights of Saigon's nightlife are the live music bars. Whatever the preference, rock, jazz, indie, pop, there's always something for everyone.


Acoustic bar - photo from


For alternative rock fans, Fang club (17 Nguyen Thi Dieu, District 3) is a place to be. Everynight from 9pm to midnight, the local bands will rock the stage with many US/UK hits. For rock fans look no further than RFC (25C Tu Xuong, District 3). It is home to many Vietnamese rock bands with several genres from ballads to punk and gothic to heavy metal. Other honorable mentions are Yoko Cafe and Acoustic.

Playing in the heart of Vietnam lies Sax 'N Art Jazz Club, which is the only pub that plays live jazz. The owner and main artist is a phenomenal saxophonist. Thi Cafe (224 De Tham, District 1) has talented Filipino bands performing the favorite hits of today every night of the week. Broma: Not a Bar (Rooftop 41 Nguyen Hue, District 1) is an amazing treat for people who enjoy Indie pop.


10. Dance the night away


Lush nightclub - photo from


Ho Chi Minh City nightclub scene offers a large range of pubs and bars with live DJ music. Qui (22 Le Thanh Ton, District 1) or Martini (in Park Hyatt Hotel) is known for relaxing lounge music, pricey but tasty drinks, and luxury atmosphere. Blanchy's Tash (95 Hai Ba Trung, district 1) and Xu (71 Hai Ba Trung, District 1) is where expats and up-town Vietnamese are dancing to the beat of a live DJ. Cuba La Casa de Mojito (91 Pasteur, District 1) has a spicy selection of latino songs to sweep the night away. Then come to Lush (2 Ly Tu Trong, district 1) for some RnB and Hip Hop that entertains the crowd from the evening until the early morning hours. Apocalypse Now (2B Thi Sach, district 1) is a huge venue with loud music, sexy dance and discotheque. Last but not least, drop by Last Call (59 Dong Du, district 1) to complete your sleepless night in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh city has a lot of interesting places to explore after dusk. We hope this list of recommendations may bring you extraordinary experiences in Saigon. If you are still hesitating of what to choose or when to go, consider the cultural show and tour package of Lune Production and Vespa Adventure Tours. With this package, you can experience cultural performance, local cuisine, live music and bars in Saigon. Book tickets to cultural bamboo cirque or contemporary dance performances at the Saigon Opera House A O ShowThe Mist or Teh Dar.

Lune Production




Shows by city

A O ShowA O Show

A O Show

A vivid portrait of Vietnam in urbanization time, painted with unique stage visuals and a touch of humor.

The name ‘A O’ derives from ‘Lang Pho’, which means ‘village and city’. The show depicts the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside, in contrast with the nation’s racing urbanization. The show is a unique mix of bamboo circus, acrobatic acts, dance, and theatrical visual art. The live music echoes Vietnamese Southern work songs. All in all, this beautiful blend of genres creates a unique stage language, which well captures the essence of Vietnam’s fascinating culture.

Teh Dar

Embodiment of vigorous Vietnamese tribes culture thru cirque, dance, music from tribal instruments.

Teh Dar invites audience on a venture into the enchanting world of Vietnamese highlanders. Wild animal hunts, moonlit romance, jungle's tales of death and reincarnation, are all recreated with stunning Vietnamese Bamboo Circus, daring acrobatics, and hypnotizing melody from exotic tribal instruments certified cultural heritage by UNESCO. Meaning ‘going in circle’ in the highland tribe K'ho's tongue, Teh Dar embrace and preserve beautiful and diverse Vietnamese tribal cultures. As the artists keep inspiring, the circle of tribal life keeps going, the cultures shall remain.

Teh DarTeh Dar
Lang Toi - My VillageLang Toi - My Village

Lang Toi - My Village

The poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life, recreated using iconic bamboo, breathtaking cirque and exotic live music.

Lang Toi (My Village) is a delicate merge of tradition and innovation, where poetic beauty of Northern Vietnam’s village life is presented under Vietnamese Bamboo Circus approach. Farming, building activities, traditional games, lifestyle of Northern villagers are recreated by ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking circus and acrobatics, rhythmic dance, to distinct folk music from more than 20 musical instruments.

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